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The course lasts for two days, each with a morning and an afternoon session. Each of these sessions will last about two to three hours. With an hour lunch break in the middle of each day, total course duration is approximately ten to twelve hours.

We offer this course on demand, instead of scheduling it regularly. So if you are interested, please don't hesitate to call or email us to discuss possible dates!

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Course content

The course will feature the Anisoprint Composer machine. This is a desktop printer designed for printing fiber-reinforced parts using continuous fibers made of basalt or carbon.

During the course we will cover (note that this list is subject to change):

Day 1 (same as the EXT  training):

  • Introduction to Composite Materials
    1. Fibers
    2. Matrix Materials
    3. Benefits and Challenges
    4. Best Use
  • The Anisoprint Technology
    1. The Anisoprint Process
    2. Anisoprint Materials (Fibers and Plastics)
    3. Anisoprint Machines
  • Machine Overview Composer A3/A4
    1. The Printhead
    2. The Machine Components
    3. The Machine Interface
    4. Machine Calibration
    5. Basic Maintenance
    6. Basic Troubleshooting
  • The Printing Process
  • AURA Slicing Software
    1. Detailed Presentation of EXT Pack Settings
    2. Printing Reinforced Perimeters
    3. Printing Reinforced Infill
    4. Premium Features (Masks)
  • Useful Knowledge for CFC Printing
    1. Part Bonding
    2. Basics of Design for CFC Printing
    3. Restrictions

Day 2 (Exclusive to the OPEN training):

  • Advanced Calibration Procedures
  • Advanced Maintenance Procedures
  • Replacement Instructions for Selected Components
    1. Hot End Replacement
    2. Power Fuse Replacement
    3. Radiator and Fan Replacement
    4. And Others
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
    1. Heating Errors
    2. EEPROM test
    3. Warranty cases
  • Advanced AURA presentation:
    1. Detailed Presentation of OPEN Pack Settings
    2. Custom Profiles
    3. Custom Materials
    4. Custom Printers
  • Advanced Knowledge
    1. Nozzle Geometry Correction Algorithm
    2. Printing with the AURA Command Line Interface
    3. Curvilinear Trajectories
    4. NanoGCode*
    5. Surface Treatment of Finished Parts

*May not be included depending on time constraints. 

Have something specific in mind that you would like to have covered? Please contact us and we can arrange custom course content.